Results of the 10th National Eagle Census

The 10th National Eagle Census was organized by MME/Birdlife in collaboration with Directorates of National Parks and other NGOs. 298 people have participated in this year’s Eagle Count. The survey covered about 18.500 square-kilometers, including the most important Eagle wintering habitats. Monitoring of the Great Bustards was done parallel with that of the raptors.

HELICON is at the 20th FeHoVa (Arms, Angling and Hunting International Exhibition)

We participated in the Arms, Angling and Hunting International Exhibition again in 2013. Interested people could get information on bird conservation activities and find out more about the Bird of the Year, meanwhile our colleagues held presentations about our ongoing nature conservation projects.

10th National Eagle Census – 11-13th January, 2013

There are several important wintering sites for Eagles in Hungary. Among them, the most numerous are the White-tailed Eagle consisting of lots of Northern European individuals. Majority of the immature, local Eastern Imperial Eagles spends the winter here, as well. Although, they are rare; Spotted Eagles and Golden Eagles occur occasionally on the Counts.

More than 80 endangered birds equipped with GPS device can be followed via the internet

Following satellite tagged birds of prey and storks via the internet is now available for researchers and the public. In an international joint project, movement data and position of more than 80 individuals of 4 highly endangered bird species tagged in Central and Southeast-Europe is accessible on


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