Eagles and falcons without borders: the conservation of Natura 2000 areas has a key importance, but it is not enough for the survival of mobile raptor species

The Natura 2000 network was created to protect the European plant and animal species, as well as their habitats. The designation of sites was based on the presence of species and habitats in a given area. Elements of the network cover sufficiently the most important habitats of non-mobile species and species of low dispersive capabilities, however it is unclear, how sufficiently they cover the most important areas used by highly dispersive species.

Life of an adopted eaglet can be followed live on the net!

There is an Imperial Eagle pair in the Jászság, which has been attempting to breed without any success for years. Their eggs have proved to be infertile. The case was the same this year, however, a healthy eaglet is being reared in the nest and his life can be followed on the net. How did that happen? It is a beautiful family history straight from the eagle nest.

Adoption of an artificially hatched Imperial Eagle chick by a wild pair

On May 4th, an Imperial Eagle chick hatched in the Great Bustard Rescue Centre at Dévaványa in the the Körös-Maros National Park. The egg was rescued from an abandoned nest ten days ago by associates of the national park. The eight-day-old chick was then placed to a nest of its future foster parents on May 13th, close to the Eagle Centre in the Jászság.


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