First successes of the fight to eliminate bird crime and poaching

Positive trends may show in the procedure to stop bird crime and poaching: arraignment on nature damaging charges, final judgement in animal cruelty and arraignment on charges of animal cruelty. Conservation organizations and hunting associations welcome this development, as more than hundred cases remained unrevealed to which more than thousand birds fell victim.

Collaboration to preserve diversity in agricultural areas

Habitat degradation in agricultural areas is a common thing all over Europe. Changes in agrarian landscapes have induced irreversible processes in communities of different bird species, of which we already reported on our website. Earlier this was confined to Western Europe, but nowadays this phenomenon has reached Hungary as well, causing a reduction in populations of common birds in the past few decades.

International anti-poisoning „ANTIDOTO” Life+ conference in Italy

2013 októberében rendezték meg az olaszországi Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga Nemzeti Parkban az ANTIDOTO Life+ projekt két napos záró konferenciája. Az Olaszország és Spanyolország között létrejött természetvédelmi program fő célja az illegálisan használt mérgek, vegyszerek használatának visszaszorítása, ami a legnagyobb fenyegetést jelenti az Európában élő emlős nagyragadozókra és ragadozómadarakra.

Life of an ’empty’ Imperial Eagle nest

Webcams got installed at a nest of an Imperial Eagle pair for the first time in the world at the end of last year. Unfortunately, the pair started their breeding season in another nest within the territory. Nevertheless, hoping to get lucky in 2014 we left all three cameras at the nest and the one with motion-sensors recorded everything happened in the ’empty’ nest.

One-third of the civilian population would impose prison sentence in bird-poisoning cases

On behalf of the MME/Birdlife Hungary, the Medián opinion polls and market research Institute carried out research on the familiarity of birds of prey in Hungary. This study was realized within the framework of LIFE10NAT/HU/000019 „Helicon-Conservation of the Imperial Eagle in Hungary” LIFE+ project of MME.

7th International Imperial Eagle Conference – Bratislava, 2-5th October, 2013

The 7th International Imperial Eagle Conference was held between October 2-5, 2013 in Bratislava. The event was very popular among experts, some 43 of them participated from ten countries giving 18 talks and exhibiting five posters. Representatives from Hungary were as follows: János Bagyura, Gábor Deák, Imre Fatér, Márton Horváth from MME, Tibor Juhász, Ákos Monoki, Gábor Tihanyi a Hortobágyi National Park Directorate, Balázs Szelényi from Körös-Maros National Park Directorate together with József Fidlóczky, András Kovács, Mátyás Prommer és István Sándor.


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