EAGLE databases

We are using four different significant GIS databases within the framework of the HELICON Life+ project. All four were created before the programme started, however, since then considerable improvements have been made to them and those have become updated on a regular basis. Statements are available upon clicking on the maps.

Besides project partners and partner organizations of the Hungarian Raptor Conservation Council, lots of volunteers have been participating in it. Data are not available for the general public for security reasons, however, updated statements are accessible annually, as well as special statements, upon request. Naturally, we hand over data, while putting everything aside, to the competent authorities in order to help conservation and investigation work to advance.

To acces the EAGLE NEST DATABASE cklick on the map

To acces the EAGLE MONITORING DATABASE cklick on the map

To acces the EAGLE POISONING DATABASE cklick on the map

To acces the SATELLITE-TAGED BIRDS DATABASE cklick on the map


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