Bird of the Year remains protected

A long lasting debate participated by MME accepting the invitation of the Ministry of Rural Development has been settled. The multilateral agreement signed by hunting and game management organizations too acknowledges that species like the Common Buzzard, the Marsh Harrier, the Raven, the Turtle Dove, the Fieldfare, the Quail and the Beech Marten keep their protected status, while the Least Weasel becomes one.

All the parties participated in the reconciliation have agreed to open the hunting ban of the Greylag Goose, whose populations have become stronger. Hunting may be allowed under strict control and supervision. Only the Mallard can be hunted from among ducks, whereas the Teal and the Common Goldeneye received protected status.

MME stuck to its opinion that degradation of the natural condition of the agricultural lands and certain technologies used in agriculture led to the decrease of small game populations. We firmly believe it is senseless to blame certain protected species of Birds of Prey among possible reasons for this decrease, until the abovementioned major problems exist. Hunting and nature conservation organizations agreed that sound scientific research and monitoring are the keys to clear the picture up and to have a better understanding about these groups of animals (Small Game, Carnivores, Birds of Prey) and their relationships. There was also a mutual agreement to lobby together for the preservation of the unrivalled diversity of agricultural lands of Hungary.

As Márton Horváth leader of the species conservation group of MME stressed: „It is a very important achievement, that after a mutual understanding the species in question could keep their protected status. Regarding species still can be hunted it is necessary to have a strict control of their hunting”
Besides MME, representatives of Hungarian National Hunter’s Association, the Hungarian National Chamber of Hunters, WWF-Hungary, Szent István University, the Nyugat-magyarországi University took part in a debate coordinated by the Ministry of Rural Development. The professional experts were helped by representatives of the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

„We believe that the most valuable part of this agreement is that all these organizations participated in the workshop can work together in the future to solve the common problems of nature conservation and game management ” – Gergő Halmos director of MME said.

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