Jászság SPA Management Plan

MME/Birdlife launched its Life+ project, titled „Conservation of the Imperial Eagles in Hungary” (LIFE10NAT/HU/019), in which nature conservation experts were contracted to develop a Natura 2000 Management Plan for the Jászság SPA (HUHN10005) area.

Experts, in collaboration with the Commissioner of the Hortobágyi National Park with responsibility for the subject prepared studies about natural values of the area and the habitat usage, and then followed by close consultation with the stakeholders they prepared their conservation goals and management proposals. As a result, the first draft of the Jászság SPA Natura 2000 Management Plan was created, which is downloadable from here.

There will be a reconciliation forum, where associates of the project showcase their plan and it also creates an opportunity for the locals and the planning experts to meet and discuss the Management Plan in person giving way to any opinions, ideas or criticism. These modifications would be integrated in the final version of the plan. Thereby, we would like to ensure that the Management Plan is widely known and accepted among local stakeholders.


Location of the forum:

Jászjákóhalma, hunting lodge of the Béke Hunting Club (Jászjákóhalma, Fő út 121.)



May 10th, 2013, 10:00


Invitation can be downloaded from here.


Should you have any opinions or remarks regarding the document please send it via email to here krall.attila@mme.hu or via postal service to here: 1121 Budapest, Költő u. 21.

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