National Eagle Count – 13-15 January, 2012

The Raptor Conservation Section of MME/BirdLife, Hungary and the Monitoring Centre in collaboration with the National Parks and other NGOs have organized the nationwide count of the wintering species of Eagles and other Birds of Prey for the 9th time in Hungary.

Note that regional coordinators will organize the surveys, so please contact them if you would like to join the Eagle Count! (See their contacts on the datasheet)!


  1. Choosing areas to be surveyed, preliminary orientation (how to get there, marking tracks or observation points etc.) preparing field maps.
  2. Dividing areas within the region between the surveyors.
  3. Sending out maps, instruction booklets and the locations of the study areas to the surveyors. Maps with UTM Grid can be required from the Monitoring Centre/MME.
  4. Field survey by a simplified protocol (during the field work one can make notes on the maps and the simplified datasheets).
  5. Sending datasheets to the Monitoring Centre/MME:

Mailing address: 4401 Nyíregyháza 1. P. O. Box 286

  1. Evaluating data and informing participants.

Please make sure you fill in the datasheets the way suggested by the instruction booklet!

We advise you to print the “User’s Guide” besides the “Worksheet” datasheet (both can be found in 1 page A/4 format).

Completed datasheets can be sent directly to the Monitoring Centre/MME (Email:; Address: 4401 Nyíregyháza 1. P. O. Box 286). Sending data sheets by email is preferred enabling us processing data faster.

Most important is recording any data of all Eagle species (Imperial, Golden, White-tailed, Spotted, Saker Falcon, Peregrine Falcon. Since the Common Buzzard was voted as the Bird of the Year, please everybody pay special attention to this species and record its data carefully!

Downloadable documents

Datasheet >>
User’s Guide >>

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